Set It and Forget It

Take control of your daily rep appointments by setting your calendar and availability on our platform, completely free, and minimize unnecessary visits or calls to schedule meetings.

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Simply display our QR code at your front desk and inform your reps to go to to book their next appointment with your office.

Get Access To These Features:

Complete Schedule Control

You control the availability and times a rep can book on your calendar.

Direct Rep Messaging

If you need to contact a rep directly or request samples, you can message them from your dashboard.

Manage Access Rights

If you wish to reduce or eliminate access for a certain company, Rep Pass gives you that capability.

No Software To Install

Our cloud based platform gives you easy access on whatever device you need.

Search By Product/Company​

You can directly search for reps in your area or companies if you wish to communicate with them.

View Rep Profiles & Contact Info

You get access to the rep profiles and contact info of anyone booking on your calendar.

What's Included:

Your Dashboard

Quickly see scheduled rep visits and communicate any sample requests, cancellation or rescheduling needs, and more.

Set it & Forget it

Our platform is meant to serve one primary role for your office - easily manage rep access.

How To Sign Your Office Up


You have complete control of your calendar. No surprise visits or unwanted/reps companies that you don’t approve. If you always wished you could restrict a company or rep from booking with you, you now have that power.

Offices get their own dashboard as well to see who is on the schedule and provides communication options to reps in the event of the need to reschedule or cancel last minute.

Rep Pass is not meant to replace any CRM solution you may already be using. We are bringing lunch appointments to the digital era and your calendar of appointments can easily be integrated into your existing calendar.

We offer nationwide services to reps and offices in the entire US.

Yes, you can! Just go to your dashboard and you can change your availability with a few clicks. Whether you want to add or remove reoccurring slots, or add one time options, it can all be quickly and easily done.

We provide a 2 step location verification process to confirm you are the authorized owners/managers of the practice or location you represent. 

Rep Pass will always be provided to offices at no cost.

Put efficiency back on the calendar

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